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By Pete Gazlay

Entrance floor mats are an easy, elegant addition to the decor of your office or business. In addition to décor, they provide the comfort and safety needed to keep employees and customers safe. The benefits of having floor mats are numerous, especially when you buy a high-quality mat that can last in your business for many years.

The main purpose of an entrance floor mat is to concentrate dirt and water on a material that is easy to clean. Instead of the dirt and water going everywhere, it gets trapped in a location that you’ll be able to vacuum, hose off, shake out, and put back. The main job of floor matting is to stop as much dirt as possible from progressing further into the building.

Ideally, it’s best to place entrance floor mats outside entryways, inside entrances and lobbies, in high-traffic walkways (like hallways, elevators, etc.), hostess stations and shared workspaces, and restrooms.

Here are some fun facts about the benefits of using door mats:

  • More than 50% of soils, oils, or other chemicals stay outdoors when using a floor mat.
  • Every pound of dirt that enters a building, takes about $700 to remove. So, the more dirt captured by entryway matting, the less cleaning is necessary throughout the rest of the building.
  • Without adequate matting, 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first six feet or an entrance after only 1,500 people have walked in.
  • The benefits of having entryway mats goes far beyond just entrances, they protect the flooring of your business and keep it looking new for many years.
  • Floor mats keep customers and employees safe- they can prevent slips and falls that can result in serious injuries.

Once you have decided on the floor mat that is right for your business, proper care and maintenance are essential. Proper mat maintenance is critical to ensure long-lasting effectiveness. During this devastating pandemic and flu season, vacuuming the mats and floors are not enough.

Keeping your floor mats clean and disinfected is essential, so a great option is partnering with a qualified service provider, so your facility always has clean, high-quality mats.

From improving brand image to protecting floors, placing good quality floor mats in crucial areas is a great way to keep your employees and customers safe. When employees and customers alike feel confident their workplace is safe, it gives them the assurance of returning feeling confident about their health.

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