Supply Savant™ will make your ordering process easier & more efficient with greater control — all while providing product & industry news that makes you more “supply savvy”! As a service of American Paper & Supply Company (APSCO), our system has the support of a third-generation, family-owned business that combines a deep commitment to traditional values and integrity with the progressive vision and ambition of a laser-edged entrepreneurial organization.

But don’t take our word for it…Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say:

“[XYZ] and [XYZ] cannot compete with Supply Savant™ / APSCO, or even come close, in level of product knowledge, quality, selection, pricing and service. They always go above and beyond to get anything we need or want. We’re very impressed with their product selection and seems to find anything we ever need. I’m trying to convince my boss to switch all of our supply & lighting needs over to Supply Savant™ / APSCO.”  – City Board of Ed Employee

“I think your Supply Savant™ system is easy to use. I wouldn’t make any changes.”  – Purchasing Agent, Learning Center

“I like that I’m able to order anytime with Supply Savant™ – day or night…which helps, since I’m on call around the clock when on duty. I can leave the order and come back to it if I’m called out for a fire. Knowing that I don’t need to make a call to place a order only during working hours is a big plus. I also like that I can look at past orders for quantities for reordering.”  – City Fire Department Employee

“Without question, APSCO has proven to be my most reliable source for recommending and providing the most cost-effective cleaning/janitorial supply products and procedures. Your Supply Savant™ on-line order management system is a real time-saver and makes my job a whole lot easier.”  – City Charter School System

“We appreciate the professional support your company provided by demonstrating the best procedures and products to clean and maintain our VCT floors. Simply said, our school floors have never been so clean and looked this great!”  – City Charter School System

“As a new manager with the school, I have found your Supply Savant™ on-line order management system to be a big help in my keeping in stock needed supplies and balancing my inventory so that I am within budget. I also like being able to look up past orders, delivery tickets and invoices with just a click of a button.”  – School Manager

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial about APSCP, its sales force and its executive team. I first worked with the American Paper team in 2011 when I saw their President making lighting deliveries to assist in getting specialty items to our facilities department on an emergency call. Mr. Shapiro, was caring and considerate and it showed as his sales team exemplified the mantra that the executive team was preaching…APSCO and their team have made me a valuable member of its family through dedication and great service.”  – Longstanding Customer

“APSCO drivers are very nice and friendly. They always call beforehand since it is not an easy delivery.”  – Call-Center Customer

“APSCO’s pricing is reasonable and invoicing is always accurate. Especially with sales tax-exempt items clearly shown. With other suppliers, we’ve had to double-check them manually with a calculator. We appreciate the shipping notice we receive the evening before delivery.”  – Building Maintenance Customer

“APSCO is the reason I can be successful at my job. I am able to find just about anything I am looking for and if there is anything I can’t find, the folks at APSCO work nonstop to find it for me. This organization is about more than just products though. The amount of knowledge APSCO reps display has gotten me out of literal sticky situations dozens of times. I would advise anyone in the field looking for answers to check American Paper out. I’m certainly glad I did.”  – Landmark Caretaker

“APSCO reps apply real solutions, never pressure to buy. We have been doing business with APS for 5 years now and they have always been there for us; be it a repeat ‘demo’ performance for our staff or a rush order. Over the years our relationship has morphed from a ‘vendor/purchaser’ to a trusted partnership.”  – Metropolitan Performance Venue

“Before using the Supply Savant™ online order management system, an RFP was sent to APSCO’s office for each order (10-11 documents). This took our office quite a bit of time to put together. The prices were then sent back to our Purchasing Dept. Orders were put together to be sent off to get Purchase Order #’s. Since using Supply Savant™, it has simplified our purchasing a great deal. Literally hours per month saved in preparing and placing orders. We are now able to view Delivery status, POD’s, Open Invoices to name a few….Thank You APSCO.”  – Suburban Board of Education

“APSCO assured me that online ordering with Supply Savant™ would be easy. They said that if I’ve ever made any type of purchase online, then I’ve got the skills needed to master Supply Savant™. My APSCO rep came in and went over things step by step. The process took all of 20 minutes. I am so glad I decided to give it a try. I can now place my orders from home, on the weekend, if necessary. I can start, stop, and return to the order system as time allows. I find this order management system to be very simple to use.”  – Assisted Living Customer

“I love the simplicity of the Supply Savant™ system. I have my own log in and shopping list. In the rare times that we need something different, I can still add to my shopping cart. The price will be sent to me and then it is added for future use. Saves me time, and is available when I need to place an order.”  – Suburban Town Manager

Note: Some testimonials above refer to APSCO order management technology before its branding under the Supply Savant™ trade name.