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By Brian Heater

Who doesn’t like a good CES success story? For Aeolus Robotics, it was the 2018 show where things really clicked in. Exhibiting at the event garnered interest from folks looking for a solution to help out around hospitals, nursing homes and school. The company was more than happy to help.

Japan in particular was taken with the product — eldercare robots, after all, have been a booming industry in the country for some time, due to its aging population.

Aeo has autonomous navigation, using a slew of cameras and IR sensors on its base. It can move around a space and use its maneuverable right arm to open doors and ride elevators, while disinfecting surfaces using the UV light on its left ( a big hit during the pandemic). It can be used for patrolling, security and delivering food. The robot can also be operated remotely when necessary, though the firm says few instances call for that level of control.

Aeolus says the robot is largely made of proprietary components, including the arm. While common wisdom says that building your own robot arm is a bit of a fool’s errand in this day and age, there were certain tasks that required starting from scratch.

The robot is currently available through a RaaS (robotics as a service) subscription model. Presently, Japan is the only market where the robot is in real use, though the firm is actively seeking more customers in more markets. Perhaps CES 2022 will do the trick.

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