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Is it really worth it?

by Nehal Khan

It isn’t easy choosing to go down this route, especially if you aren’t a big company with a lot of resources to spare. Professional cleaning services are more accessible than ever before, and here we will be outlining why it can be a great investment.

It can actually be the cheaper option

Many people think that hiring a cleaning service is expensive and reserved only for big companies with huge budgets, but that really isn’t the case. There seems to be an expectation that the boss is responsible for cleaning the workspace because they are in charge but why should they be? They work just as hard, if not harder, than anybody else.

It can actually work out cheaper to outsource your cleaning needs to an independent provider because you will not need to have them on the payroll full time. Yes, if you are a big company with vast premises then you might be able to justify hiring a full-time cleaner, but for most of us it would be a waste. Instead, it may be better to hire someone for a few hours each week instead

As well as that, choosing to hire a third-party cleaning service for your commercial space will also save you money on equipment as you will not need to buy it all yourself. By paying a commercial cleaning company to take care of your cleaning needs you can be sure that they will bring the equipment needed for the job and that it will be included in the overall cost.

It could give your team a morale boost

Knowing that you won’t have to take turns doing the office cleaning will no doubt make your team a lot happier – who wants to stay an hour later on a Friday afternoon to make sure the office is tidy and ready for the following week? While having a clean workspace is vital, they shouldn’t be the ones responsible for its cleanliness, that isn’t their job after all.

Nobody wants to walk into the office on a Monday morning to see a messy workspace with dirty bathrooms, and your staff won’t either. You and your team deserve a workspace to be proud of and one that is clean, tidy, and safe to work in. Studies have shown that workers are a lot more productive in organized spaces and we are sure that you will have noticed this.

Prevent smaller issues from becoming bigger issues

Keeping things clean, tidy, and sanitary is a surefire way of helping to keep your workspace safe for everybody who works there. Keeping the hallways clear of garbage, the floors free of spills and leaks, and the food facilities clear of mold and/or waste will benefit the health and physical well-being of your team. Nobody wants to work somewhere that is not clean

Commercial cleaners know how to keep the workspace tidy and ready for the staff to be productive in an environment that is comfortable. Staying on top of the small issues above, help to ensure that they don’t spiral into anything that could become a lot harder to handle. When hiring a commercial cleaner, you can be assured that these things will be addressed with the utmost care and attention to detail so that your life is made a whole lot easier.

In addition, the last thing you want is a lawsuit if anything bad happens, due to the office or working environment being deemed unsafe. A well-maintained workspace is absolutely necessary in today’s world and you have a duty of care to help make sure that your staff is not put in a position where they could be hurt or fall ill. This factor could also be a money saver as it reduces the likelihood of a costly lawsuit further down the line.

You can better protect your assets

Being in a workspace that is not well maintained increases the likelihood of accidents and mishaps happening in the office. This can cause damage to the items in your office that you will be responsible for replacing. If somebody slips on some water that has spilled on the floor, they could knock over some IT equipment on their way down which could either be damaged when they hit the floor or become damaged by the water that was slipped on.

Having the office cleaned by a third-party commercial cleaning company on a regular basis can also help keep your computers in top condition. Dust can cause huge amounts of damage to computers if it gets inside the circuits. It can sometimes cost a lot more to not have a cleaner come in than pay for one on a weekly basis.

As touched upon earlier, having a commercial cleaning company come in to deal with the food facilities is vital. Unsafe cooking areas can not only cause sickness but also leave you vulnerable to being sued. As well as this, not looking after the facilities provided can result in damage to equipment that can be very expensive to replace, and can be very disruptive for everybody else who is trying to work in the office. It just isn’t worth not keeping on top of.

Happy staff are hard working staff

Having staff who are happy to come into work is one of the best things a boss can hope for. Staff members don’t want to do the cleaning in the office, they want to do the job they were hired to do, and you would be wise to let them do just that. They are most happy when doing what they love and so you should always try to let them do just that.

Staff who aren’t sick are the happiest kind of staff. Keeping the office clean, free from dust and allergens, and empty of hazards will mean your staff will actually want to come in, even if they feel a little under the weather. You are less likely to have absent staff if you look after them and create a work environment where they are happy, comfortable, and eager to work.

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