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By Sophia Watson

Some people think that cleaning property is easy because the footfall in a building is reduced because of the cold weather. However, the same cold weather can create difficulty and sometimes seize the cleaning process. But there are ways explained by companies providing commercial cleaning services in Atlanta that will make preparing for the winter easy.

Four Ways Winters influence Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Many people think that cleaning commercial buildings is difficult in the summer because of the hot and humid weather; although this might be true, businesses can’t ignore the winter season’s effects either. The commercial cleaning process can be affected by the cold weather in the following four ways.

Snow and Ice Ruin Entryways

The worst thing about the winter season is that it brings snow and ice. The extremely cold temperature will not allow ice and snow to melt. When people enter a building, they bring the snow and ice along with dirt.

Low Maintenance of Ventilation Systems and Ducts

During the winter, windows and doors are not opened as much as during other seasons. The closed vents and ducts fall prey to a low maintenance schedule, leading to the possible increase of allergens, dust particles, germs, and pollutants.

Windows Remain Dirty

Another way the winter season makes commercial cleaning difficult is because windows are not cleaned from the outside. The cold weather, ice, and snow make it challenging to clean the windows. Uncleaned windows will also block sunlight from entering the rooms, and some germs are sensitive to the UV rays from the sun; sunlight can damage or even kill harmful germs.

People Get Sick Frequently

People getting sick from the cold temperature is one of the most common things in winter. Whether it’s the clients, employees, or commercial cleaning staff that are getting sick, this results in slowdowns of the cleaning process because the people responsible for it are not available.

Winter Cleaning Tips from Commercial Janitorial Services

The four ways mentioned above that affect the cleaning process in the winter can also be considered problems. But there are tips by companies providing commercial cleaning in Atlanta that can make winter cleaning and preparation easy.

Keeping Pathways Cleared from Ice and Snow

Keeping the snow and ice cleared from the pathways at the entrance is the duty of commercial cleaning companies such as Jan Pro Atlanta or the cleaning staff of the building. Several things can melt the ice from the driveway, including hot water. Rock salt can melt ice and snow, but the temperature should not drop below ten degrees.

Placing Mats and Rugs on Door Entrances

The main issue commercial property owners face is that when people enter the building, they bring with them not only dirt but also snow and ice. This issue can be avoided by placing rugs and mats at the entrances; so that the visitors clean the soles of the shoes and then enter the building.

Be Ready with First-Aid and Survival Kits

The weather in the winter can become extremely cold, and if people are exposed to this chilly temperature, it can cause hypothermia. Also, there can be a power outage and scarcity of bare necessities. So, survival and first-aid kits should be kept on-site.

Set-Up Warning Signs in the Commercial Buildings

Mainly two warning signs are put up as advised by commercial cleaners. One sign is placed inside saying that work is in progress, and the second one is outside the building indicating the surface is slippery due to snow and ice.

Sanitize and Disinfect for Reducing Spread of Illness

Many businesses hire an industrial cleaning company but don’t sanitize or disinfect the surfaces because they think germs and infections don’t spread during winter. But when people enter the building, they bring dirt with the ice and snow. So, it is vital to disinfect and sanitize the floors to avoid germ growth.

Window Cleaning is Crucial

Several kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses die in the sunlight, so thorough cleaning of the window is essential. Several companies are giving commercial cleaning services in Atlanta that offer to clean windows from the inside out.

Here are a few questions that will help businesses understand the concept of commercial cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Affordable?

The affordability of commercial cleaning services in Atlanta depends on several factors: the condition and size of the commercial building, the kind of cleaning, how frequently the service will be performed, and the number of cleaners hired.

How Many Clients Does The Average Commercial Cleaning Service Have?

There is no fixed answer to the question; it depends on several factors like how much marketing they have done, how long they have been working, their staff count, among others. However, the number of cleaning staff at commercial cleaning companies will determine the clients they will serve.

Why Are Commercial Cleaning Services So Popular?

The main reasons why businesses hire commercial cleaning services are because the staff is well-trained and skilled, the company has many years of experience, the cleaning business is certified and legit, and the best cleaning tools and techniques are used.

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