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A residential cleaning company is much more of a specialized service for the many random items you will come across in everyday life. Heavy cleaning, hazardous cleaning, or general residential cleaning are things that define residential cleaning. A residential cleaning company usually specializes in larger items around the house such as cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, or floors. This may include cleaning windows, furniture, or any other smaller items you find lying around. They also have specialties such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or other specialty areas. This may make residential cleaners seem more difficult to find but they are definitely worth the effort.

Commercial cleaning services:

Commercial cleaning services are very similar to residential cleaning, except they are usually more focused on commercial buildings and businesses. As with residential cleaning, the main focus of commercial cleaning services is to get rid of harmful toxins and dirt around the office or building. The biggest difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning is the different methods used. Commercial cleaning services use more chemicals than residential cleaning services do.

Residential cleaning services generally clean the house from top to bottom. They vacuum, wash, dust, mop, and clean around the doors, windows, etc. Commercial cleaning services do not usually do anything for the interior of the house. Usually, there is just a light dusting of furniture and baseboards to get rid of. For the inside, they will either hire someone to do it themselves or if they have more time, they will go into the house, dust, mop, wash, vacuum, etc.

House cleaning professional:

Having a house cleaning professional go in once a week to dust, vacuum, wash, and clean the rooms on a regular basis will ensure that indoor air quality remains consistent. This will reduce the number of allergens floating around in the house. It also keeps dust mites from settling down into small nooks where they hide during the day and become active at night. Since they are seldom called, you can rest assured that your allergies won’t get worse and your indoor air quality will not be negatively affected.

Commercial cleaning services aren’t always as thorough. Sometimes they just vacuum, clean, and mop. They might sweep or otherwise physically clear the floors but they usually don’t do any deeper damage to furniture or the structure of the house. It might be enough just to keep dust levels low. For heavy dirt or dust mites, a commercial cleaning services company would need to be called since they are experts when it comes to this kind of problem.

Commercial cleaning companies:

As far as allergies are concerned, commercial cleaning companies are quite good. In fact, most homeowners do not realize how bad commercial companies really are. They do a wonderful job and most times they use environmentally friendly products. When it comes to allergy sufferers, however, you may have to get a few prescriptions. There is no way to determine whether or not a commercial company will be able to clean your home. The same way that they would a luxury apartment or a condo.

Even though residential cleaning needs are minimal compared to commercial ones, it does not mean that residential cleaning is cheap. The cost depends on what you want to be done and how extensive the job is. If a residential cleaner is doing an expensive project, you should expect that the bill will be much higher than if it were a commercial cleaning company to do it. There are also costs associated with hiring a professional and maintaining their equipment over a period of time.


Once again, whether you decide to hire a residential cleaner or a commercial one depends largely on whether or not you already have your own supplies. You could easily clean all of your floors with your own supplies, but this is not necessary. Many commercial cleaners also come with their own cleaning supplies and if you are not using your own supplies. It can prove very difficult to clean all of your floors. Before you make a decision about who to hire. You should definitely check out both options and see which one will work the best for you.

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