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Clare Hopping

The platform combines Persistent Systems’ AI and predictive analytics engine with Peacock Engineering-deployed IBM Maxim. Peacock Engineering and Persistent Systems have teamed up to offer businesses a smart asset management system, integrating their systems into a single AI-powered product.

The partnership will see Persistent Systems’ AI and predictive analytics bolted onto Peacock Engineering’s IBM Maximo system, helping businesses identify maintenance schedules and predict failures using IBM Watson.

It pools the data from a company’s systems and uses these to improve a company’s efficiency, while also ensuring engineers are working in safe conditions and that a company’s assets suffer from the lowest possible levels of downtime.

He added that the deal means Peacock is able to speed up its product development with added support from Persistent. Clients will be able to take advantage of the firm’s extensive AI expertise, making them more competitive in their sector.

“Peacock Engineering has a history of embracing and extending Maximo to solve customer problems more efficiently,” said Jitendra Gokhale, president of IBM Alliance at Persistent Systems.

“What’s particularly compelling to us is how enthusiastic they are about using new and emerging technologies to take their solutions to the next level. It’s fantastic – especially for their customers – that they recognize the potential for digital transformation in the field of asset and facilities management.”

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