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The use of mobile apps in facilities management is exploding, with Business Wire reporting that the global space and workplace management software market will grow at an annual rate of 14% between 2018 and 2022. While there are now building management apps available for everything from work order management, building control and project management, this can perpetuate the problem of siloed information, processes and communication. Is there a solution that gives facilities managers access to all of their portfolio data, on-the-move?

Understanding the building app ecosystem and what’s possible

Deciding on which building software and mobile app your organization should use is a complex task. Different apps serve different functions, including:

  • Site control
  • Work orders
  • Project management
  • BMS
  • Repair validation
  • Vendor management
  • Property value monitoring

Think about your team’s needs

Next consider your team—their responsibilities, environment and work habits. Do they tend to spend long periods of time travelling? Do they use a range of smart devices, necessitating desktop, iOS and Android functionality? Do they require data-agnostic systems to prevent information and process siloing? Is there one app capable of fulfilling every one of your team’s requirements?

In addition to these considerations, the right building software app should be both scalable and part of an integrated ecosystem that can be used on a diverse range of devices.

Mapping out your strategy with the right technology

Taking this range of factors into consideration is a great step toward driving productivity with real-time data and communication. Incorporating a mobile app into your workflow will keep your team ahead of the curve in an industry moving toward an increasingly proactive model of building management.

With the right smart building mobile app, and when adopted effectively, other benefits to your team can include:

  • Reduced site visits
  • Fewer workflow bottlenecks
  • Enhanced communication between team and vendors
  • Increased occupant comfort
  • Detailed building issue documentation
  • On-the-go task assignment

The future of facility management is on the move

Emerging facility management apps present a huge opportunity for building managers to streamline operations, save time and cut costs. Mobile apps give facilities teams ownership of their data and provide them with the information they need to make decisions from anywhere.

Consolidate data, simplify processes and enhance communication by choosing a mobile app that supports your key business objectives. Do your research, understand what you want to accomplish with a mobile app, who the users are and how you want them to engage with your buildings. Then pick the building software app that is backed by a powerful platform that can automate tasks and inform your team while giving them the flexibility they need to be agile from the field.

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